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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We do not keep a schedule of breaks. All breaks will occur after they are full.  When Pick Your Team (PYT) breaks are nearly full, we usually run a random team filler to sell the unsold teams from the break.

  • PYT Filler Details: We typically combine the top team in the product with the unsold teams from the break and create a filler which you can join in the live stream chat.  If you'd like join fillers, please come to our live stream at the following link: http://breakers.tv/platinumcardbreaks


1 Platinum Buck (Plat Buck) = $1 USD Store Credit.

Plat Bucks are now synced up with your platinumcardbreaks.com account - you can view your balance and make purchases using your Plat Bucks through our website.  For a full tutorial on how to check and use your Plat Bucks, Click Here to watch the Plat Buck Tutorial Video

       Here are the ways you can acquire Plat Bucks:

Purchase them:

Buy Filler Bucks in the Store - If you buy Filler Bucks with the intention of adding them to your Plat Bucks account, you MUST tell us on our live stream (and make sure we confirm) or you can email us at support@platinumcardbreaks.com


Win them:

We are constantly running promotions and giveaways where you can win Plat Bucks.  If you win Plat Bucks, you don't need to do anything - we will automatically add them to your Plat Bucks account. 


At a minimum, Group Breaks are Mailed out Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  This schedule may vary based on Postal Holidays.  We make every effort to ship all orders as quickly as possible.

All packages will be shipped to the address you have entered in your account on our website – if paying with PayPal, your PayPal mailing address MUST match the address in your website account.  If you are paying with a credit card, we will only ship to the credit card billing address.  Once we have shipped a package to you, your shipping address will be saved in our address book. 

**IF YOU CHANGE YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS at any time, you must notify us of this change by sending an email to shipping@platinumcardbreaks.com** 

Free Domestic/International United States Postal Service (USPS) First Class Shipping with Tracking is included with all Group Break purchases – INSURANCE IS NOT INCLUDED!!

Shipping Upgrades & Insurance

If you would like to pay to upgrade your package to Priority Mail and/or require a signature on your package, please e-mail shipping@platinumcardbreaks.com with your request.  You can purchase insurance for your package on the website here: Click Here to Purchase Shipping Insurance 

We will not insure your package if you do not purchase shipping insurance.


We SRONGLY RECOMMEND upgrading to USPS Priority Mail for ALL International Shipments.  An International Small Flat Rate Box (approx. $30-$35 USD) can usually fit most regular shipments.  UPS/FedEx shipments can be accommodated upon request, however, you must cover the cost of the shipment and it can become very expensive depending on your location. 

If you would like to pay to upgrade to USPS Priority or request a UPS/FedEx shipment, please send an email to: shipping@platinumcardbreaks.com

Please note:

  • Once the USPS/FedEx/UPS accepts a package from us, we can not control the speed of delivery.
  • Once you receive your tracking number, if you have any questions regarding the status/movement/tracking of your package please call the USPS at 1 (800) 275-8777.
  • We are not responsible for packages that become lost or damaged while in the possession of the USPS/FedEx/UPS.