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2015 Topps Dynasty Baseball Full Case Random Player Break #43

2015 Topps Dynasty Baseball Full Case Random Player Break #43

$ 19.99

There are 90 Total Spots in This Break.    

The Cut Autograph player checklist has been reduced to 5 different "First Letter of LAST Name" combinations (example: Babe Ruth would go to the "Cut Autos R/S" spot).  Each of the 5 Cut Autograph combo spots has an average of approximately 22 Cut Autograph possibilities.

The 90 spots are as follows:

Albert Pujols
Andres Galarraga
Anthony Rizzo
Bo Jackson
Bryce Harper
Buster Posey
Byron Buxton
Cal Ripken Jr.
Carlton Fisk
Chipper Jones
Clayton Kershaw
Cole Hamels
Corey Kluber
Craig Biggio
Dan Marino
David Ortiz
David Wright
Deion Sanders
Dennis Eckersley
Don Mattingly
Dustin Pedroia
Evan Longoria
Felix Hernandez
Francisco Lindor
Frank Robinson
Frank Thomas
Fred McGriff
Freddie Freeman
Greg Maddux
Hank Aaron
Hanley Ramirez
Ichiro Suzuki
Jacob deGrom
Jason Heyward
Jeff Bagwell
Joc Pederson
Joe Mauer
Joey Gallo
Joey Votto
John Elway
John Smoltz
Johnny Bench
Jon Lester
Jose Abreu
Jose Canseco
Jose Fernandez
Jung Ho
Ken Griffey Jr.
Kris Bryant
Kyle Seager
Manny Machado
Mariano Rivera
Mark McGwire
Matt Carpenter
Matt Harvey
Max Scherzer
Michael Wacha
Mike Piazza
Mike Trout
Noah Syndergaard
Nomar Garciaparra
Ozzie Smith
Pablo Sandoval
Paul Goldschmidt
Prince Fielder
Randy Johnson
Reggie Jackson
Rickey Henderson
Roberto Alomar
Robinson Cano
Roger Clemens
Rusney Castillo
Russell Wilson
Sandy Koufax
Sonny Gray
Steve Carlton
Steven Matz
Tim Lincecum
Tom Glavine
Vladimir Guerrero
Will Ferrell
Yasiel Puig
Yasmany Tomas
Yoenis Cespedes
Yu Darvish
Cut Autos A/B/C/D
Cut Autos F/G/H/K
Cut Autos L/M/N
Cut Autos R/S
Cut Autos I/P/T/W/Y

Sealed 5 Box Case!!     

Configuration: 5 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 1 card per pack.

One of the greatest high-end baseball products of all time is back with 2015 Topps Dynasty Baseball, and it's better than ever. Printed on specially coated stock and embossed, these are cards you need to see to believe.

- Every card includes an autograph or a cut signature
- Every card is encased
- Every card is numbered to 10 or less
- Featuring on-card autographs from players both active and retired, including:
  - Ken Griffey Jr.
  - Mariano Rivera
  - Sandy Koufax
  - Cal Ripken Jr.
  - Bryce Harper
  - Mike Trout


Featuring only the best, most collectible players of all time, every card is signed on-card, and features an over-sized patch piece. Sequentially numbered to 10, with parallels numbered to 5 and 1/1.

Similar in look and feel to the Autographed Patch Cards, each card features one all-time great, along with an on-card autograph and two relic pieces. Sequentially numbered to 5, with a 1/1 parallel.

Including Ty Cobb, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, Jackie Robinson, and Roberto Clemente. Numbered 1/1.

10 Legends, including Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, and Roberto Clemente, each featured with a cut signature and two relic pieces. Numbered 1/1.

2015 Topps Dynasty Baseball exceeds the standard of excellence set in 2014. Don't miss out!

Rickey Henderson Robert Parsons
Joey Gallo Andrew Moye
Deion Sanders Bobby cruciata
Max Scherzer Bobby cruciata
Felix Hernandez Bret Womble
Yoenis Cespedes Bret Womble
Andres Galarraga Bret Womble
Cal Ripken Jr. Bret Womble
Randy Johnson Bret Womble
Reggie Jackson brian dunn
Tom Glavine Brian Kim
Jason Heyward Bruce Gronich
Bo Jackson Burke Thomas
Cut Autos I/P/T/W/Y Charles Broach
Noah Syndergaard FITCH123
Prince Fielder FITCH123
Mark McGwire FITCH123
David Ortiz FITCH123
Anthony Rizzo FITCH123
David Wright FITCH123
Frank Robinson FITCH123
Carlton Fisk FITCH123
Mike Trout FITCH123
Albert Pujols FITCH123
John Smoltz FITCH123
Greg Maddux FITCH123
Chipper Jones FITCH123
Jose Abreu FITCH123
Jose Canseco FITCH123
Russell Wilson Ginger Patton
Joey Votto Ginger Patton
Vladimir Guerrero Ginger Patton
Paul Goldschmidt Jason Breining
Rusney Castillo JOE KELLEY
Frank Thomas Jonathan L Griffin
Corey Kluber Jonathan L Griffin
Cut Autos F/G/H/K Joseph Lopez
Yasiel Puig Joseph Lopez
Tim Lincecum Joseph Roberts
Sandy Koufax Joseph Roberts
Ozzie Smith Kingwizard
Steven Matz Kyle Mannino
Cut Autos L/M/N Kyle Mannino
Robinson Cano mastapizaz
Roberto Alomar Matthew Womble
Hank Aaron Matthew Womble
Mariano Rivera michael booth
Ichiro Suzuki michael booth
Kyle Seager michael booth
Kris Bryant michael booth
Don Mattingly michael booth
Steve Carlton michael booth
Sonny Gray Michael Jeffreys
Dennis Eckersley Michael Jeffreys
Bryce Harper Michael Jeffreys
Johnny Bench Michael Jeffreys
Evan Longoria michael kryvanis
Mike Piazza Michael Russo
Cole Hamels Nathan Benson
Cut Autos A/B/C/D Nathan Benson
Pablo Sandoval Robert Parsons
John Elway Robert Parsons
Freddie Freeman Robert Parsons
Byron Buxton Robert Parsons
Hanley Ramirez Robert Parsons
Dan Marino Robert Parsons
Buster Posey Robert Parsons
Will Ferrell Robert Parsons
Roger Clemens Robert Parsons
Yu Darvish Scott Perkins
Jon Lester Shawn Lee
Clayton Kershaw Shawn Lee
Jeff Bagwell Stephen Wong
Joe Mauer Stephen Wong
Francisco Lindor STOLENBASES1957
Yasmany Tomas STOLENBASES1957
Jose Fernandez STOLENBASES1957
Fred McGriff STOLENBASES1957
Dustin Pedroia STOLENBASES1957
Jacob deGrom STOLENBASES1957
Michael Wacha STOLENBASES1957
Matt Harvey STOLENBASES1957
Matt Carpenter STOLENBASES1957
Jung Ho Taylor Matthews
Ken Griffey Jr. Taylor Matthews
Joc Pederson Taylor Matthews
Manny Machado Timothy Salahi
Nomar Garciaparra Travis Heath
Craig Biggio Travis Heath

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