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2019 Tristar Quest *1 Item* Random Letter Break #63

2019 Tristar Quest *1 Item* Random Letter Break #63

$ 14.99

This Break is for One (1) Item from an 8 Item Case.

22 Total Spots

For each spot purchased, you will receive one (1) alphabet letter.  We will random all break participants and letters prior to opening the item.

The following rules apply:

  • Excluded Letters: Q, U, X, Z
  • The letters represent the First Letter of the LAST NAME of the subject(s) who autographed the item(s) - Example: Tom Brady would go to the owner of the letter B.
  • If the item is autographed by 2 or more subjects (with different first letters of their last names) we will random the applicable letters to determine who will be awarded the item.
  • An item autographed by a GROUP (ex. The Beatles) would be randomed amongst the first letter of the last name of all subjects who signed the item.
  • An item autographed by an individual with one known name will go to the first letter of that name - Example: Pele would go to the letter P.
  • If there are multiple items within the packaging, they will be awarded individually.  If this occurs on a redemption, we will redeem the items and upon receipt we will ship the items to the individual winners.
  • If an item contains an autograph with a letter that is excluded from this break, we will random the item to all break participants.
  • In the event of an unforeseen situation, we will award the item using our best judgement - we will always be as fair as possible.

    Configuration: 8 memorabilia items per case.

    Limited to 75 Cases!

    2019 TRISTAR Quest delivers (8) Incredible Memorabilia Items in Every Case! The pursuit of your collectible dreams begins with Quest! Uncover greatness and find autographed memorabilia from the stars of the past and present from the worlds of baseball, football, basketball, hockey, boxing, golf, racing, soccer, track & field, entertainment and MORE!!


    • Find randomly inserted HOT HITS including:
      • Harrison Ford Autographed Frame Jersey Display from the movie 42!
      • Madonna Framed Autographed Picture Album!
      • Muhammad Ali Autographed 30"x40" Photograph!
      • Tom Brady Autographed Limited Edition Giclee!
      • Lebron James Upper Deck Authenticated Autographed Basketball
    • Discover unique autographs from more than 175 legendary stars on more than 45 different styles of collectible memorabilia!
      • Clint Eastwood Autographed Framed Letter Display!
      • Mickey Mantle Autographed Cap!
      • President Gerald Ford Autographed Letter!
      • Floyd Mayweather Autographed Title Belt!
      • Samuel L. Jackson Autographed 11"x14" Star Wars Photograph!
      • Joe DiMaggio Autographed Lithograph!
      • Giannis Antetokounmpo Autographed Jersey!
      • Walter Payton Autographed Football!
      • Tiger Woods Autographed 8"x10" Photograph!
      • Stan Lee Framed 16"x20" Framed Spider-Man Photograph!
      • The Who Autographed 8"x10" Photograph!
      • Usain Bolt Autographed Jersey!
      • Bee Gees Autographed Sheet Music!
    • ALL autographs are authenticated by TRISTAR, PSA/DNA, JSA or other selected companies.
    • VERY LIMITED REDEMPTIONS!! - Only for the largest of items!!

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