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Copy of Flash Promo #9 DETAILS INSIDE - This is just to say THANK YOU Plat Fam 1 Day 1 Event WIN BIG!!!! $2000 IN PRIZES FREE !!!

$ 123,456,789.01


All Spots Through Store are in for the prizes that are marked FLASH PROMO ONLY!!!!  Then the fillers that are # spots all them spots dont go in only the Lucky #7 Spot gets put in. So  there will not be a 10000  Names in the random.  Go Buy a cheap team  in one of the Flash breaks and get in now!



1st $1,000

2nd $300

3rd $200

4th $100

5th $100

6th $100

7-8-9-10 ALL GET $50 Each



Thank you for choosing Platinum


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