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D1ouble Dip Of Cheese Baby . Last Break Till The HoHoHoHo Promo Pops OFF!!!!

D1ouble Dip Of Cheese Baby . Last Break Till The HoHoHoHo Promo Pops OFF!!!!

$ 65.99

Hey all this is your chance your super duper shot at some Heavy Cheese!  Huge amount of Plat Bucks.  Plus some HUGE HITS. There will be over 250 Hits Plus LOADS of Plat Bucks!!  The Break down will be below.   Before I list that we at Platinum would like to say thank you for the year long support of dedication and Im sure we missed some of you over the holiday season but we are grateful to all and without you we would not be PLATINUM.   You all are the ones that make it happen and you are the ones that make it all possible.   Like I say plenty of times over and over we have the best people in the business.  And we hope to reach even higher levels with the help of all our great friends and family in the card world. This year we will be introducing some big things at the Platinum Card Breaks Inc. Headquarters and we will remember who brought us there!  So without further Interruptions here is the Breakdown and stock up on the Plat Bucks NT Baseball Is next week already:

1- $1000 Plat Bucks

3- $500 Plat Bucks

10-$100 Plat Bucks

15- $75 Plat Bucks

5- Ho Ho Ho Promo

30- Mlb Teams

32- Nfl Teams

These Spots  Will Not only have Pre Packaged hits (SOME BIG HITS AT THAT) but to spread the love there will be 10 PLUS  Sealed Wax Boxes That will be opened during the Break that go to there respected teams. BIG $$$$ Double Play!!!

30 Nba Teams

15- Nhl Teams (2 Teams Each)

1 Multi Player Card ( 2 or more Different teams on 1 Card)

There will be 10 Plus Slabbed cards I can not give away the teams but there will be some big Hit MOJO in this Plus thousands of Plat Bucks.  Lets go baby! 

 6-Rand Memrobilia Spots

Kansas City Royals Brandon Moeller
Anaheim Ducks/Canadiens michael booth
Ariz Diamondbacks gregj
Arizona Cardinals Brad Braaten
Arizona Coyo/Predators Nichole Thompson
Atlanta Braves Sharon Tanner
Atlanta Falcons Justin Gould
Atlanta Hawks Stephanie Wilczynski
Baltimore Orioles Robert Parsons
Baltimore Ravens Joseph Roberts
Boston Bruins/Devils Richard Thomas
Boston Celtics  Andrew Warren
Boston Red Sox bob southoff
Brooklyn Nets  Ricky Mann
Buffalo Bills Johnny adams
Buffalo Sab/ Wild April Lett
Calgary Flames/Islanders Jeffery Slone
Carolina Hurr/Rangers JUSTIN PATTERSON
Carolina Panthers Kenny Nielubowicz
Cblue Jackets/Senators Jeffery Slone
Charlotte Hornets JUSTIN PATTERSON
Chicago / Flyers Derwin Siangco
Chicago Bears Robert Parsons
Chicago Bulls Ned B. Silber
Chicago Cubs chad tani
Chicago White Sox Alvin Warner
Cincinnati Bengals kenneth Hayes
Cinncinnati Reds marvinmartiannut*
Cleveland Browns ronald stawniczy
Cleveland Cavaliers Wade Appleton
Cleveland Indians GREGORY SPENCER
Colorado Ava/Penguins Lynne Singer
Colorado Rockies Steven Metts
Dallas Cowboys alfonso vazquez
Dallas Mavericks Monte Foist
Dallas Stars/Sharks Joshua Swinney
Denver Broncos Jeremy Siegfried
Denver Nuggets Jason Hill
Detroit Lions artchie
Detroit Pistons Eric Schmid
Detroit Red/Louis Blues George Martinez
Detroit Tigers bob southoff
Edmonton/Lightning Ned B. Silber
Fl Panthers/Maple Leafs Jeffery Slone
Green Bay Packers artchie
GS Warriors Stephen Brown
Houston Astros Glenn Petriello
Houston Rockets Jeffery Simpson
Houston Texans Joseph Lopez
Indiana Pacers Nicholas Udy
Indianapolis Colts Alvin Warner
Jacksonville Jaguars Nichole Thompson
Jets/Capitals artchie
Kansas City Chiefs Brian Kim
L.A. Angels bpk416*
L.A. Dodgers Jason Hill
LA Clippers Ron Pace
LA Lakers Daniel Urban
LaKings/Canucks Matt Dannucci
Memphis Grizzlies josh kitts
Miami Dolphins Richard Kao
Miami Heat thetickjoe
Miami Marlins Zachary Piepenburg
Milwaukee Brewers Brian Delk
Milwaukee Bucks Josh Moyer
Minn Timberwolves Nichole Thompson
Minnesota Twins islipowls
Minnesota Vikings CRazyCaliGuuy
Multi Player(DIFF TEAMS) Jeffery Simpson
New England Patriots Charles Carroll
New Orleans Pelicans Sharon Tanner
New Orleans Saints GREGORY SPENCER
New York Giants John LaRosa
New York Jets Ramsey Qubty
New York Knicks Stephen Brown
New York Mets Brandon Berumen
New York Yankees Meaghan Koppel
Oakland Athletics Ben Sonker
Oakland Raiders Jami Allen
Orlando Magic Jeffery Slone
Philadelphia 76ers kenneth Hayes
Philadelphia Eagles GREGORY SPENCER
Philadelphia Phillies ernie dow
Phoenix Suns Nate Conoly
Pittsburgh Pirates michael kryvanis
Pittsburgh Steelers Richard Kao
Plats or Promo Scott Perkins
Plats or Promo gregj
Plats or Promo Ryan Sanders
Plats or Promo Wendell Hajny
Plats or Promo Stephen Brown
Plats or Promo Dylan Schuster
Plats or Promo Stephanie Wilczynski
Plats or Promo Glenn Petriello
Plats or Promo nbsii*
Plats or Promo Christopher Morgan
Plats or Promo Dan Hartwigsen
Plats or Promo Sharon Tanner
Plats or Promo Matt Dannucci
Plats or Promo Brian Kim
Plats or Promo donald martin
Plats or Promo Scott Perkins
Plats or Promo Giantsfan11
Plats or Promo Jeffery Slone
Plats or Promo patrick rieser
Plats or Promo johnc101*
Plats or Promo Joshua Swinney
Plats or Promo rachel joplin
Plats or Promo Dylan Schuster
Plats or Promo Jonathon Surratt
Plats or Promo Matthew Wooldridge
Plats or Promo chad simmons
Plats or Promo Joseph Roberts
Plats or Promo Stephen Brown
Plats or Promo Jason Wanic
Plats or Promo Alvin Warner
Plats or Promo Dan Hartwigsen
Portland Trail Blazers Jonathan L Griffin
Rand Memrobilia Josh Moyer
Rand Memrobilia Autumn Fisher
Rand Memrobilia Brandon Moeller
Rand Memrobilia jerry reinhart
Rand Memrobilia patrick rieser
Rand Memrobilia William Schumpert
Sacramento Kings Bobby cruciata
San Antonio Spurs Ramsey Qubty
San Diego Chargers da9ers*
San Diego Padres Joshua Taylor
San Fran Giants Robert Parsons
San Francisco 49ers Monte Foist
Seattle Mariners Alvin Warner
Seattle Seahawks Ginger Patton
St. Louis Cardinals Christopher Morgan
St. Louis Rams Chad Tani
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Garth Allred
Tampa Bay Rays Derek Christmann
Tennessee Titans Zebastian Martinez
Texas Rangers Jon Addison
Toronto BlueJays rickcindy31*
Toronto Raptors Richard Kao
Utah Jazz Steven Metts
Wash Nationals ernieren*
Washington Redskins MELLY
Washington Wizards chad simmons

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