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Filler Bucks

Filler Bucks

$ 1.00

Check Your Plat Buck$Check Your Plat Buck$ 


Hey all! This is a Filler Buck.  You buy this to pay for a filler you are in.  If you are sending over For $$ To Be added to your account IT HAS TO BE TOLD AT THAT TIME, IF IT IS NOT THEN IT WILL NOT BE ADDED AT A LATER TIME!  PERIOD!   No more exceptions to this rule.  If you buy  this Filler Buck it is for a Filler we are running.   If you buy a Large Quantity to add to your PLAT BUCK ACCOUNT THAT IS FINE IT MUST BE TOLD TO WHOEVER IS BREAKING AT THE MOMENT IMMEDIATELY!  OR IF IT IS DURING NON BUSINESS HOURS JUST DROP A EMAIL RIGHT AFTER PURCHASE to support@platinumcardbreaks.com

So when I ask who used Filler Bucks for a filler, please tell me you used Filler Bucks I don't want to confuse this with Plat Bucks No longer it is what takes a ton of extra time on the fillers.  EXAMPLE. When I ask who used plat bucks before, and everyone says I did, I check my personal sheet of people with plat bucks realize they don't have any and then realize they were talking about plat bucks in the store.  This should take care of that from here on out.  Again it is not anyone's fault but my own for  labeling them the same thing!   So lets Fill it up Baby!  Thank you all!

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