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2024 Firelopes 2.0 Golden Ticket Results

$ 9,999.00

2024 Firelopes 2.0 Golden Ticket Results
Jeremy S Pistons/Diamondbacks/Colts/Anaheim Ducks
Ronald Cunningham 76ers/Astros/Chiefs/W. JETS
The Dude Abides Blazers/Commanders/Packers/W CAPITALS
Cory Foreman Bucks/White Sox/Seahawks/VEGAS KNIGHTS
The Dude Abides Bulls/Mets/Patriots/V. CANUCKS
Shayne Ditzel Cavaliers/Tigers/Dolphins/T MAPLE LEAFS
The Dude Abides Celtics/STL Cardinals/Saints/TAMPA LIGHTING
tmplumber59 Clippers/Red Sox/Raiders/ST BLUES
BigCasino Cubs/Orioles/49ers/SAN JOSE SHARKS
Dave Hunter Grizzlies/TB Bucs/Texans/S. KRAKEN
Hawkeypop Hawks/Rays/Jets/PITT PENUINS
Mitch G Heat/Dodgers/Browns/P. Flyers
CamB Hornets/Blue Jays/Vikings/Ottawa Senators
CamB Jazz/Phillies/NY RANGERS
Zachary Tann Kings/Royals/Rams/NY ISLANDS
Adam Kelly Knicks/Padres/Broncos/NJ DEVELS
bojangles3877 Lakers/SF Giants/AZ Cardinals/M WILD
The Dude Abides Magic/Pirates/Jags/Nashville Pred
ryo kawano Mavericks/Rockies/NFL Panthers/Buffalo Sabres
The Dude Abides Nets/Nationals/NY Giants/Montreal Cand
R2RO Nuggets/Titans/Bengals/LA KINGS
Zach Tann Other/$250 plats(NON TEAM CARDS)
cards303 Pacers/Braves/Ravens/Edmonton Oliers
Zach Tann Pelicans/Reds/Cowboys/D Red Wings
cards303 Raptors/Marlins/Chargers/Columbus Blue Jackets
cards303 Rockets/Twins/Bears/Chicago Blackhawks
insanecollectables Spurs/Yankees/Dallas Stars
wreckless771 Suns/Angels/Calgary Flames
CamB Texas Rangers/FLORIDA PANTHERS/Steelers
Mark Demsko Thunder/A's/Lions/Boston Bruins
Bennie Bugout Twolves/Brewers/Falcons/Col. Avalance
jdubz80 Warriors/Indians/Bills/Carolina Hurricanes
Breakingbad123 Wizards/Mariners/Eagles/Arizona Coyotes

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