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FireLopes Preview Is Here!!!!!! LooooooooK

FireLopes Preview Is Here!!!!!! LooooooooK

$ 123,456,789.10

Platinum Card Breaks, Inc. is Pleased to Present:


All Breaks are 1-10 Block Style Like Normal.  But this could very well be the best $29 Bucks you EVER spend on group breaking!! See for yourself!!! This is just the tip of the iceberg there is massive definitive, bowman, HIGH END, there are redemptions for boxes (ripped or shipped on EVERY BOX) Plats, Memorabilia, weird stuff and this and that but you should love this break.  1-3 cards on average per envelope! Some have 5-10 for hot packs. 90% or higher is PSA Graded if the card is graded.!!!  125 Total envelopes they will be randomed for each break!!  If you want a personal buy 1 full one out and wait for it to be broke in the order of the #'s  THANK YOU ALL HAVE FUN, SHOULD BE A DOOZER!!!!!


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