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Ok everyone so we are getting ready for a spring clean out and we are doing two cheesy breaks.  this is the first one and all cards ship and I mean a lot of cards 5000 PLUS !!!! Prizm Flawless Bowman National Treasures, Flawless and MANY MORE.... Basketball HEAVY!!!! These are normally 500 hits or so this is 10 FOLD  5000 PLUS I LOST COUNT LITERALLY!!!!! IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY WITH THIS BREAK YOU WILL NEVER BE HAPPY IN LIFE!!!!!!  THERE IS SO MANY CARDS IT IS UNREAL!!!!! This is Less then 2 Dollars Per CARD !!!!!!  After Fees and Plats and Memorabilia NUTS BREAK GET IN NOW!!!!!

30- Mlb Teams

32- Nfl Teams

30 Nba Teams

1 NHL Spot

1 Multi Player Card ( 2 or more Different teams on 1 Card)

1 Other Non Sports Spot

5 Spots Memorabilia Spots (MEMORABILIA)

1 Spot gets $500 Plats

10 Spots get $200 Plats

10 Spots get $100 Plats

10 Spots get $75 Plats

20 Spots get $50 Plats

This is about quantity this will be a break that you have NEVER SEEN BEFORE ANYWHERE!!!! I WILL PROMISE YOU THAT!!!!!  This will take 3 hours plus to rip I promise!!! 


At the End of break I will take the list and Random $1500 Plats to the top spot in the list FREE!!!!!!

20 Spots get $50 Plats

8-$75 Trevor T
3-Orlando Magic cards303
1-Minnesota Twins Louis Rasch
8-$200 Team DHC.
8-$100 mfoist
3-Minn. Timberwolves Jo Backson
8-$200 The Dude
2-Chicago Bears Team DHC.
3-Atlanta Hawks Manu
2-Kansas City Chiefs Franki Chan
8-$200 Brian Beebe
8-$500 Team DHC.
3-Utah Jazz Kevin Collins
1-Detroit Tigers GT Black*
6-MulitPlayer Spot bigwall89
1-Mil Brewers smakkz
3-LA Lakers Team DHC.
1-Arz. Diamondbacks Dominic Cavallaro
2-Cleveland Browns Team DHC.
3-Houston Rockets Team DHC.
8-$50 Artsluckycards
8-$200 issaca1978
3-San Antonio Spurs JT Kim
1-New York Mets Team DHC.
3-New York Knicks vegasbob
2-New York Giants CHOYSUM 888
1-Chicago Cubs issaca1978
8-$50 kecards1
1-LA Angels poutkid
8-$50 comicbookhero
1-Cincinnati Reds Adam Stein
3-Wash Wizards mtlinroc
2-Carolina Panthers Tanner Schroll
8-$200 holmennod
1-Phil. Phillies Team DHC.
8-$50 Derek Sell
2-New York Jets jayb48317
1-Atlanta Braves marcussr20
8-$100 mking2317
7-Memorabilia Andrew Halter
8-$50 BillWaltonDEAD77
8-$100 ontheDB
8-$100 Artsluckycards
8-$50 Team DHC.
2-Seattle Seahawks Team DHC.
2-Arizona Cardinals Johnny D
3-Detroit Pistons bigwall89
1-Cleveland Indians Team DHC.
8-$50 len223
1-Chicago White Sox LEGACY GHOST
5- Other Non Sports nosignofland
8-$200 Tanner Schroll
7-Memorabilia Headrick
2-San Francisco 49ers JT Kim
8-$50 Franki Chan
2-Houston Texans David Niece
2-Cincinnati Bengals Team DHC.
8-$200 bigmikevegas
3-New Orl. Pelicans Marcyes35
3-OKC Thunder dacardz1
1-San Diego Padres Johnny D
1-Wash. Nationals ryo kawano
8-$50 Manu
2-Atlanta Falcons StrongandFree86
3-Toronto Raptors Jeff Epstein
8-$50 jayb48317
1-Colorado Rockies Artsluckycards
2-L.A. Rams cam21215
3-Memphis Grizzlies Team DHC.
7-Memorabilia smakkz
8-$75 RMcG
8-$200 issaca1978
8-$50 Manu
2-San Diego Chargers Dominic Cavallaro
8-$100 Team DHC.
7-Memorabilia Jeff Epstein
8-$100 Team DHC.
8-$75 nosignofland
8-$75 Kevin Li
8-$50 cards303
2-NE Patriots ontheDB
8-$200 Manu
1-Tampa Bay Rays Team DHC.
8-$100 Craig Waldrip
2-Detroit Lions CamB
1-Houston Astros Eric rochester
1-Pittsburgh Pirates Team DHC.
3-Brooklyn Nets  Artsluckycards
1-Oakland Athletics comicbookhero
4-NHL SPOT wsox2005
8-$75 Neuphi
3-Cleveland Cavaliers R2RO
2-Denver Broncos Manu
2-Baltimore Ravens kecards1
2-Miami Dolphins Jeremy Phillips
2-Oakland Raiders ryo kawano
1-St. Louis Cardinals Built Insurance Brokerage
2-Indianapolis Colts Dominic Cavallaro
2-T.B. Buccaneers Team DHC.
1-New York Yankees akorom
8-$50 Team DHC.
3-LA Clippers AARonv21
3-Boston Celtics  AARonv21
3-Denver Nuggets JT Kim
1-Miami Marlins mfoist
8-$100 Gary Geiken
2-Philadelphia Eagles Adam Stein
3-GS Warriors Craig Waldrip
3-Milwaukee Bucks cam21215
8-$50 Scott C.
2-Tennessee Titans Team DHC.
1-KC Royals Team DHC.
8-$50 75bfoy1975
1-Seattle Mariners suzypapa
2-Buffalo Bills ryo kawano
3-Philadelphia 76ers playball72
1-Baltimore Orioles holmennod
8-$100 sjock
1-San Fran Giants 75bfoy1975
8-$75 JT Kim
3-Indiana Pacers ryo kawano
8-$50 William Strauss
3-Port Trail Blazers CAMKOD2001
3-Phoenix Suns Team DHC.
2-Minnesota Vikings nosignofland
3-Miami Heat cam21215
8-$75 Cory Parker
8-$50 garth316
2-Pittsburgh Steelers M P
1-LA Dodgers david johnson
8-$50 Tony S
8-$75 William Strauss
8-$100 Headrick
2-Jacksonville Jaguars JT Kim
8-$50 J Welch
1-Texas Rangers Team DHC.
7-Memorabilia Andrew Towberman
3-Sacramento Kings flagfootball1
3-Charlotte Hornets CHOYSUM 888
3-Dallas Mavericks jhanesgolf
8-$200 Rick D
2-Green Bay Packers Artsluckycards
2-Wash. Redskins Team DHC.
2-New Orleans Saints Daniel Emidio
8-$50 Steven Comeaux
8-$75 Robert Craig
3-Chicago Bulls Steven Klosno
1-Toronto Blue Jays JT Kim
2-Dallas Cowboys bornpackrat
1-Boston Red Sox Team DHC.
8-$75 Franki Chan

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