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2020 Leaf Greatest Hits Multi-Sport Edition 3 Box Case Random Letter Break #76

2020 Leaf Greatest Hits Multi-Sport Edition 3 Box Case Random Letter Break #76

$ 119.99

Sealed 3 Box Case!

22 Total Spots

For each spot purchased, you will receive one (1) alphabet letter.  We will random all break participants and letters prior to opening the boxes.

The following rules apply:

  • Excluded Letters: Q, U, X, Z
  • The letters represent the First Letter of the LAST NAME of the subject(s) on the card - Example: Jerry Rice would go to the owner of the letter R.
  • If the card contains 2 or more subjects (with different first letters of their last names) we will random the applicable letters to determine who will be awarded the card (even if only one of the subjects signed the card). 
  • A card containing an individual with one known name will go to the first letter of that name - Example: Pele would go to the letter P.  If the card says ONLY the individual's one known name (such as Ichiro) and an authentic/graded slab of that card says the individual's full name (such as Ichiro Suzuki), we will go with what is written on the card and the card would be awarded to the letter I for Ichiro.
  • If a card contains a letter that is excluded from this break, we will random the card to all break participants.
  • In the event of an unforeseen situation, we will award the card using our best judgement - we will always be as fair as possible.

Configuration: 3 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 3 cards per pack.

Leaf is pleased to announce a brand new addition to its portfolio. 2020 Leaf Greatest Hits Multi-Sport Edition is a buyback product featuring a new configuration certain to excite and captivate the imagination of the category. Unlike our other buyback releases, the collation of this product will be completely random and therefore volatility of content will be higher than normal.


Additionally, Look for "Special Redemptions" good for popular trading cards sealed boxes and signed memorabilia.

Each Box Contains 3 Buyback Cards or Special Redemptions

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