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2024 FireLopes Random Block Insane Break #18

2024 FireLopes Random Block Insane Break #18

$ 29.99 $ 49.99

Ok so here it goes I have been PSA grading now for 3 months building up a massive stock pile, well im about to unload it plus many more hits as well. There will be my first run of Firelopes. It will be "THE BEST VALUE IN THE BREAKING WORLD"  There can be for your money.... $20 to grade now a days!!!!! Every Firelope will have 1-3 Cards in them and Hot Firelopes will have 5-10 cards, out of 125 packs there will be 10 HOT PACK'S, now that just means more cards not always more money!!!!!   There is a image page of a few big hits, but you can also win $$ THOUSANDS IN PLAT STORE CREDIT AND PERSONAL BOXES AND CASES IN THE PACKS AS INSTANT REDEMPTIONS!!!  BREAK STARTS TUESDAY NIGHT 6/4 DAY AFTER MY SEXY WIFES BDAY!!!!! 

ALL BREAKS ARE 1-10 Block Style Here are your numbers below if you want a personal buy all spots in a break and wait for it to be in order we dont go Envelope 1 then 5 then 2 it goes in order and each envelope will be # on video starting blank first and then random'd to determine what envelope goes for what break!!!

So it goes if a card is Serial # 4/5 (4 SPOT GETS) or if a card has no serial # and card is card number on back 135 (5 Spot gets) IF card has no serial or has letters for card number then card goes to players first name first letter, Derek Jeter (D Spot) Same as all block breaks for Us. TY ANY QUESTIONS contact support@platinumcardbreaks.com



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